Star Trek Resurgence to Launch This Year

April 12, 2023 at 6:26 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Dramatic Labs’ Star Treck Resurgence is set to launch this year after being delayed multiple times.

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Star Trek Resurgence to Launch This Year  

Key Facts

  • Star Trek Resurgence will officially launch on May 2023.
  • The game had been delayed a couple of times.
  • Telltale developers are also involved in the project.



Star Trek Resurgence was supposed to launch last year but was delayed. Dramatic Labs, the game’s developers announced via Twitter that the game will launch this May 2023.

  Star Trek Resurgence  

The game was originally scheduled to launch in April but was delayed to May. Hopefully, this will be the last delay and that the game will launch in May.

As of right now, there is no exact launch date for the game, however, we are expecting that it will be announced on Twitter soon.

Star Trek Resurgence will be available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.




Star Trek Resurgence is set after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation and it offers a standalone story.

Get to play as First Officer Jara Rydek and Engineer Carter Diaz who are investigating two alien races.

Fans of the TV series will see a lot of familiar characters as the game is set close to it.

  Star Trek Resurgence



The developers have promised us exciting and intense storylines, various types of gameplay, such as flying spaceships, fighting with phasers, as well as some stealth missions where you must remain unnoticed and much more to explore the world of Star Trek in many different ways. Let’s see how the developers have implemented all of this.

You can expect a great adventure with many exciting dialogues from Star Trek Resurgence. During the dialogues, you will have several options to choose from, and these will ultimately determine the outcome of the game.

You will have to build relationships with many characters by choosing from multiple answers during dialogues. Additionally, there will be a large world to explore.

Since many former Telltale developers are involved in this project, many of the mechanics known from there will likely be present in the new Star Trek game. It will be similar to Telltale’s The Walking Dead games, combining dialogue with action.




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